關於 PXE 是否支援 IPv6 這個問題,查詢了 Intel 的官方網站,的確他是支援的 那哪些網卡才支援呢!!在 Intel 官方網站 http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-028553.htm 說明了!!

"UEFI Drivers Compatible with IPv6" 也就是說要支援 IPv6 的網卡環境必須在 UEFI 下.

UEFI Drivers Compatible with IPv6
Intel® Ethernet UEFI drivers are compatible with IPv6 and remote boot solutions using UEFI such as iSCSI and PXE. Use the latest UEFI driver to ensure IPv6 compatibility.

Intel® Boot Agent for legacy BIOS
Systems with legacy BIOS can continue to use Intel® Boot Agent. Intel Boot Agent is compliant to PXE standard version 2.1, which is defined as part of the IPv4 protocol suite. The IPv4 and IPv6 protocol suites can coexist within the same network infrastructure; therefore, the Intel® Boot Agent PXE solution can be used in an IPv6 environment. Intel has no plans to updateIntel® Boot Agent for IPv6.

Intel Boot Agent features are now part of the Intel® Ethernet Connections Boot Utility.

所以傳統的 Intel® Boot Agent for Legacy BIOS 就不在其支援列表中了.

關於 IPV6 PXE Boot 請參考 http://benjr.tw/94956

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