Linux – Cobbler (PXE)


什麼是 Cobbler 與傳統的 PXE Boot 有什麼不同?

PXE Boot

PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) 是透過網路卡開機的方式來進行作業系統安裝,需要安裝 PXE Boot 所需的 DHCP, TFTP 服務,以及 FTP , NFS , HTTP 安裝系統時所需的媒體服務,安裝的時候需要設定 PXE Boot 設定檔以及 開機所需的核心… ,設定請參考


一樣需要 DHCP, TFTP 等服務,但不同的是 DHCP 服務的設定可以透過 Cobbler 來自動產生,PXE 其他的設定也是由它自動產生.可支援 PXE 開機安裝的有 RedHat (RHEL) , CentOS , SuS (SLES) , Ubuntu Server , Debian 等作業系統,要新增這些作業系統的方式也很簡單,直接透過 Cobbler 指令就可以自動產生相對應的設定.
Cobbler 主要的服務有下面幾種:


  • Distribution:
    Represents an operating system. It carries information about the kernel and initrd, plus other data such as kernel parameters.
  • Profile:
    Points to a distribution, a kickstart file, and possibly repositories, plus other data such as more specific kernel parameters.
  • System:
    Represents the machine to be provisioned. It points to a profile or an image and contains information about IP and MAC addresses, power management (address, credentials, type), and more specialized data.
  • Repository:
    Holds mirroring information for a yum or rsync repository.
  • Image:
    Can replace a distribution object for files that do not fit in this category (for example, cannot be divided in kernel and initrd).


  1. 安裝 Cobbler
  2. Cobbler 新增 linux distribution
  3. Cobbler Web 管理介面


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