Linux command – Stressful Application Test (CPU-Cache)


前面有使用過 Stressful Application Test (Stressapptest) 這邊針對他的 CPU-Cache 測試來做說明.

測試環境為 Ubuntu16.04 64bits


測試多處理器的快取一致性(cache coherency ),確認系統不會因為在快取記憶體中的資料不一致所產生的問題.

  • –cc_test : Do the cache coherency testing.
root@ubuntu:~# stressapptest -s 60 --cc_test
Log: Commandline - stressapptest -s 60 --cc_test
Stats: SAT revision 1.0.6_autoconf, 64 bit binary
Log: buildd @ kapok on Wed Jan 21 17:09:35 UTC 2015 from open source release
Log: 1 nodes, 1 cpus.
Log: Defaulting to 1 copy threads
Log: Total 974 MB. Free 568 MB. Hugepages 0 MB. Targeting 828 MB (84%)
Log: Prefer plain malloc memory allocation.
Log: Using memaligned allocation at 0x7f854cf28000.
Stats: Starting SAT, 828M, 60 seconds
Log: Region mask: 0x1
Log: Seconds remaining: 50
Log: Seconds remaining: 40
Log: Seconds remaining: 30
Log: Seconds remaining: 20
Log: Seconds remaining: 10
Stats: CC Thread(0): Time=60056521 us, Increments=2811339000, Increments/sec = 46811552.737129
Stats: Found 0 hardware incidents
Stats: Completed: 41182.00M in 61.05s 674.61MB/s, with 0 hardware incidents, 0 errors
Stats: Memory Copy: 41182.00M at 685.66MB/s
Stats: File Copy: 0.00M at 0.00MB/s
Stats: Net Copy: 0.00M at 0.00MB/s
Stats: Data Check: 0.00M at 0.00MB/s
Stats: Invert Data: 0.00M at 0.00MB/s
Stats: Disk: 0.00M at 0.00MB/s

Status: PASS - please verify no corrected errors

其他與 CPU-Cache 相關的參數:

  • –cc_inc_count number : Number of times to increment the cacheline’s member.
  • –cc_line_count number : Mumber of cache line sized datastructures to allocate for the cache coherency threads to operate.

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