Geekbench – CPU 效能檢測


要知道你系統的 CPU 效能如何,可以透過 Geekbench 這隻工具,他不只有支持桌面系統 Windows,Linux,Mac OS X ,連移動裝置系統 iOS,Android 等也都支援.下載點

最新版的是 Geekbench 3 ,主要針對 CPU 進行三部分的效能檢測:

主要涵蓋了 加密,圖像處理,信號處理與物理模擬
整數 (Integer performance):

  • AES: The AES workload encrypts a generated text string using the advanced encryption standard (AES).
  • Twofish: The Twofish workload also encrypts a text string, but it uses the Twofish algorithm.
  • SHA1: SHA1 is a cryptographic hash algorithm: given a binary input it generates a “hash” or “digest” of the input.
  • SHA2: SHA2 solves the same problem as SHA1, but is more secure
  • BZip2: compression and decompression.
  • JPEG: compression and decompression.
  • PNG: compression and decompression.
  • Sobel: The “Sobel operator” is used in image processing for finding edges in images.
  • Lua: Lua is lightweight scripting language.
  • Dijkstra: The Dijkstra workload computes driving directions between a sequence of destinations.

浮點數 (Floating point performance):

  • Black-Scholes: The Black-Scholes equation is used to model option prices on financial markets.
  • Mandelbrot: The Mandelbrot set is a fractal.
  • Sharpen image: The sharpen image workload uses a standard image sharpening technique similar to those found in Photoshop or Gimp.
  • Blur image: Image blurring is also found in tools such as Photoshop.
  • SGEMM and DGEMM: GEMM is “general matrix multiplication.” Matrix multiplication is a fundamental mathematical operation.
  • SFFT and DFFT: The fast Fourier transform (FFT) workloads simulate the frequency analysis used to compute the spectrum view in an audio processing application such as Pro Tools.
  • N-Body: This workload computes a physical simulation similar to that required for a physics game placed in outer space.
  • Ray trace: The ray trace workload renders a 3D scene from a geometric description.

記憶體 (Memory performance):

  • STREAM copy: The stream copy workload tests how fast your computer can copy large amounts of data in memory.
  • STREAM scale: This workload is similar to stream copy, but each value is multiplied by a constant during the copy.
  • STREAM add: The stream add workload reads two large lists of floating point numbers value-by-value, adds corresponding values, and stores the result in a third list.
  • STREAM triad: This workload combines stream add and stream scale.

執行時會要求購買或是輸入購買序號 (license),但選擇 later 就能跳過直接試用.不過還是有一些限制.
Geekbench 3 is in tryout mode
Geekbench 3 requires an active Internet connection when in tryout mode,
and automatically uploads test results to the Geekbench Browser.
Other features, such as 64-bit tests, are unavailable in tryout mode.

Buy a Geekbench 3 license to enable offline use and remove the limitations of tryout mode.
試用版 (tryout mode) 的,會自動將測試結果上傳到 ,這個真的很討厭,而且沒有辦法用 64-bit 的方式進行測試,需要購買之後才能把這一些限制取消掉.

按下 Run Benchmarks 就可以進行測試.
分數會顯是站網站上面,分數有區分成兩部分,一個單核心效能,另外一個多核心效能.這是我的 MAC 所執行出來的結果.

Geekbench 3 是以 2,500 分作為基準點 (這是測試在 Mac mini (Mid 2011) Intel Core i5-2520M @ 2.50 GHz 所跑出來的分數).高過 2,500 就代表效能比這一台好.


當然我們也可以也可透過 Search Bar 來自定搜尋內容.可自定參數數如下:
model:”iMac (27-inch Retina)” platform:”Mac” processor:”Intel Core i7-4790K” frequency:4000 bits:32


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