Xen Cloud Platform & Citrix XenServer


公司長官詢問 Xen Cloud PlatformXen Server 的差別在哪裡,幸好這兩套都有提供免費下載,同事下載了這兩套比較一下,發現基本上是一樣的.除了 Server 虛擬化端名稱不同外,一個是 Xen Cloud Platform 另外一個是 XenServer 其他基本上長得都一樣,就連遠端連線軟體都是採用 XenCenter.這下可好了,要怎麼跟長官回報呢!!!幸好還有 wiki 可以查詢!!!(下面擷取 wiki 對 Xen 的說明)

Xen originated as a research project at the University of Cambridge, led by Ian Pratt, senior lecturer at Cambridge and founder of XenSource, Inc. This company now supports the development of the open source project and also sells enterprise versions of the software. The first public release of Xen occurred in 2003. Citrix Systems acquired XenSource, Inc in October 2007 and subsequently renamed Xensource's products under the Citrix brand:

  • XenExpress became "XenServer Express Edition" and "XenServer OEM Edition" (embedded hypervisor)
  • XenServer became "XenServer Standard Edition"
  • XenEnterprise became "XenServer Enterprise Edition"

Subsequently the product lines have been renamed XenServer (Free), Essentials for XenServer Enterprise, and Essentials for XenServer Platinum.

On 22 October 2007, Citrix Systems completed its acquisition of XenSource,and the Xen project moved to http://www.xen.org/. This move had started some time previously, and made public the existence of the Xen Project Advisory Board (Xen AB), which had members from Citrix, IBM, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Novell, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. The Xen AB charter assigns it oversight of the project's code-management procedures, and with development of a new trademark policy for the Xen mark, which Citrix intends to freely license to all vendors and projects that implement the Xen hypervisor; the Xen AB will have sole responsibility for the requirements of licensing.[citation needed]

On 21 October 2009, Citrix further announced their, now commercial, applications of XenServer would be fully open-source and made freely available to the public under the name Xen Cloud Platform (XCP).Simon Crosby, CTO of Virtualization and Management division at Citrix, stated: "XenServer is 100% free, and also shortly fully open sourced. There is no revenue from it at all."
The product lines were renamed in Spring 2010:

  • XenServer [Free edition]
  • XenServer Advanced Edition
  • XenServer Enterprise Edition
  • XenServer Platinum Edition

雖然 Citrix 在 2007 收購了 XenSource 但是在 2009 年也提供了免費的 XenServer 使用.真是佛心來著,不過似乎 Cirtix 只提供 XenServer 是免費其他高皆功能就要額外付費了,如官方網站的 XenDesktop,XenApp 等.



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