XenServer 6 trial

XenServer 目前最新的版本為 6 ,當然一樣有 Trial 的版本可以試用!!!

Citrix 提供了 2 種不同的試用

Start a free XenServer trial

只提供 XenServer 試用,可以下載到Xenserver 6 安裝光碟檔案 "XenServer-6.0.0-install-cd.iso"

  1. 下載
    這可以下載到 XenServer 的 bare-metal hypervisor.
  2. 安裝與設定
    在安裝與設定有問題時可以參考官方的說明文件 Quick installation guide.
  3. 尋求有用的幫助
    透過 here 可以找到不少的資源 – 裡面包含了 XenCenter, conversion tools 以及其他深入的 “how to” 文件.

Start a premium XenServer trial with advanced features

除了 XenServer 外還提供了XenServer includes XenCenter / Trial Virtual Appliance / Distributed Virtual Switch Controller / Dynamic Workload Balancing / Provisioning Services / Web Management Console 等工具程式可以使用.

透過簡單 3 個步驟就可以合法使用 Xenserver 6 何樂而不為呢!!
1.Registration 2.Verify 3.Thank You
申請的過程在 Verify 就可以看到試用序號, E-mail 的資料只要是填寫正確就會收到由 Citrix 寄給你的試用序號.但這 Xenserver 最多只能使用 30 天,30 天之後就必須要向 Citrix 申請啟動密鑰 "Activation Key" 後面會再介紹.

XenServer trial with advanced features 可下載的程式包含虛擬化以及其他應用程式,使用方式步驟如下:

Step 1 – Install XenServer, XenCenter, License Server

  • Download XenServer and install the software on servers in your datacenter.
  • Install XenCenter on a PC workstation.
  • Import the Trial Virtual Appliance into your XenServer environment.
  • For more information about installing XenServer, XenCenter and importing the License Server Virtual Appliance, please refer to the XenServer Installation Guide.

Step 2 – XenServer Trial Set-up

  • After installing the Trial Virtual Appliance, start the appliance as a virtual machine on one of your XenServer hosts.
  • Select the console tab of the Trial Virtual Appliance.
  • Follow the steps in the Linux console to set-up the trial.
  • For detailed XenServer installation instructions, please refer to the XenServer Installation Guide.

Step 3 – Install the XenServer Components

  • From the list above, download and install the components you would like to add to your XenServer environment.
  • The following list describes the components included in the 45-day trial:

Components enabled with trial license

  • Automated VM protection and recovery
  • Distributed virtual switching
  • Dynamic memory control
  • Heterogeneous pools
  • High availability
  • IntelliCache
  • Live memory snapshots
  • Role-based administration
  • StorageLink
  • Site recovery

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