SLES11 – Unsupported kernel modules


同事遇到一個在 SLES11 的問題,問題就是在 SLES10 可以用的 Intel NIC driver(kernel modules) source 明明可以用但是拿到 SLES11 就不可以用了.上網查了一下原來 SLES11 採用 "supported" flag 的方式辨識這 driver(kernel modules)  是否經過 SLES(Novell) 的認證,所以要使用 SLES11 尚未認證的 driver(kernel modules) 解決方式有兩種.

  1. setup "allow_unsupported_modules " in /etc/modprobe.d/unsupported_modules as "1"
  2. #modprobe module allow_unsupported_modules

All supported Linux kernel modules contain an internal "supported" flag which denotes that module as being officially supported by Novell. Beginning with SLES 11, modules that do not contain this flag are prevented from being loaded (automatically or manually) by the modprobe command. This is the default configuration of SLES11 servers, but loading unsupported modules can be allowed through one configuration change.



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