System test tool – LMbench

LMbench 是用來測試系統效能的工具, Ubuntu 下可以直接使用 apt 來下載 lmbench .

測試環境為 Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 .

root@ubuntu:~# apt-get install lmbench

安裝完成的 LMbench 程式目錄位於 /usr/lib/lmbench/bin/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ,來看看提供了哪一些工具可供測試,項目如下.

root@ubuntu:~# cd /usr/lib/lmbench/bin/x86_64-linux-gnu/

Bandwidth benchmarks

  1. 測試記憶體
    • bw_file_rd
      檔案 (硬碟) 到 memory 之間產生 mapping 並測試其讀取速度.
    • bw_mem
      主要在測試 processor 與 memory 之間的傳輸速度.
    • bw_mmap_rd
      從檔案 (硬碟) 到 memory 測試其讀取速度.
  2. 測試處理器
    • bw_pipe
      產生兩個 processes (行程) 彼此交換 (pipe) 資料並測試其速度.
    • bw_unix
      產生了 parent (reader) , child (writer) processes彼 此交換 (pipe) 資料並測試其速度.
  3. 測試網路
    • bw_tcp
      Reading of data via a TCP/IP socket.

Latency benchmarks

  1. 測試記憶體
    • lat_pagefault
      The time it takes to fault in a page from a file.
    • lat_mem_rd
      主要在測試 processor 與 memory 的讀取延遲 (latency).
    • lat_mmap
      這邊主要在測試 memory 到 檔案 (硬碟) 之間的延遲 (latency).
  2. 測試處理器
    • lat_ctx
      Context switching; the number and size of processes is varied.
    • lat_fifo
      “hot potato” transaction through a UNIX FIFO.
    • lat_ops
      Basic processor operations, such as integer XOR, ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, and MOD, and float ADD, MUL, DIV, and double ADD, MUL, DIV.
    • lat_pipe
      “hot potato” transaction through a Unix pipe.
    • lat_proc
      Process creation times (various sorts).
    • lat_rpc
      “hot potato” transaction through Sun RPC over UDP or TCP.
    • lat_unix
      “hot potato” transaction through UNIX sockets.
  3. 測試網路
    • lat_connect
      The time it takes to establish a TCP/IP connection.
    • lat_tcp
      “hot potato” transaction through TCP.
    • lat_udp
      “hot potato” transaction through UDP.
    • lat_unix_connect
      The time it takes to establish a UNIX socket connection.
  4. 檔案
    • lat_fcntl
      Fcntl file locking.
    • lat_fs
      Creating and deleting small files.
    • lat_select
      Select latency
  5. Other -TBD
    • lat_sig
      Signal installation and catch latencies. Also protection fault signal latency.
    • lat_syscall
      Non trivial entry into the system.


  • mhz
    Processor cycle time
  • tlb
    TLB size and TLB miss latency
  • line
    Cache line size (in bytes)
  • cache
    Cache statistics, such as line size, cache sizes, memory parallelism.
  • stream (測試記憶體) –
    John McCalpin’s stream benchmark
  • par_mem (測試記憶體) –
    測試記憶體系統可以並行 (parallelism) 執行多少個請求.
  • par_ops
    Basic processor operation parallelism.
  • lmbench-run
    System benchmarks
  • lmdd (測試硬碟) –
    lmdd 類似 dd 用來測試硬碟速度的方法.


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