Storage Protocols Layer

對 Storage 有興趣但是被五花八門的協定搞昏頭,下面這一份 Storage Protocols Layer 一定對你很有用.後面有機會再一一解釋!!

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先來看看我最不熟悉的 InfiniBand ,這個聽過但沒實際接觸過的裝置到底是什麼.根據 wiki 的說明
InfiniBand is a switched fabric communications link used in high-performance computing and enterprise data centers. Its features include high throughput, low latency, quality of service and failover, and it is designed to be scalable. 

Like Fibre Channel, PCI Express, Serial ATA, and many other modern interconnects, InfiniBand offers point-to-point bidirectional serial links intended for the connection of processors with high-speed peripherals such as disks. 
圖中你可以找到 Infiniband 他和 Fibre Channel, PCI Express, Ethernet 或是 SAS ,SATA 都是一種高速匯流排標準,但可惜的是目前 InfiniBand 的發展只侷限在高效率的運用算領域較為成功,通常在叢集伺服器可以被找到,他並沒有像是其他高是匯流排能成功的進入企業應用.

InfiniBand 他其實有相對應的 InfiniBand HCAs 像是 Qlogic 就有推出相對應的產品 QLogic 7300 Series , switch 也有屬於 InfiniBand 專屬使用的如 Qlogic InfiniBand Switches 不過市面上可以找到的應用應該不多.你可以在 OSSLAB 中找到.

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