Intel storage system design conference 2013

昨天參加的 Intel storage system design conference 2013

Cloud Storage solutions 的主要四堂課程.文件還沒下載到,下載後再與各位分享.

1.Utilizing Intel Cache Acceleration Software (CAS) to improve Hadoop Performance
Intel CAS Catch acceleration software
It transparently uses SSD flash ram as cache layer to HDD

Disk io biggest bottleneck for hadoop
Serve the most important hottest data from SSD

Intel CAS reduces processing time by an amount close to what ssd does

2.Big Data software and services
Building big data solution with Intel distribution for apache hadoop software

3.Next generation cloud object storage

Avoton / edisonville platform
Intel’s Next-Gen Atom “Avoton” Chip for Micro-Servers

Data durability
Replication, Erasure code

Cosbench cloud object storage test bench

4.unified network from Intel: virtualize network, Storage & Computer for Optimal Cloud Perforamnce
Intel intelligent Ethernet Converged Network Adapters
Compare with Qlogic / Emulex hardware FCoe

Intel x520 , Intel x540-t2
Cisco Nexus 5596T ,2232tm-e , 3064-t?Switch


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