Red Hat Enterprise Linux6 Roadmap

Red Hat Enterprise Linux6 Roadmap

新版的 RHEL 6 即將推出,有什麼新功能可以參考下面的連結.


  • Optimized foundation OS
    For large-scale, centrally-managed enterprise deployments. Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Secure. Optimized for maximum efficiency of latest generation of high corecount systems – memory, scalability, RAS, power efficiency. Resource control.
  • Virtualization – optimize RHEL as host or guest
    Deployment, provisioning and flexibility for dynamic workloads from datacenter to desktop. Emphasis on performance, storage flexibility, security, and guest isolation.
  • Green IT
    Through power management and dynamic guest migration
  • Innovation and technology leadership
    With the latest enterprise ready components in Storage and File Systems, Networking, Tools, Cluster, Desktop, Installer, and Services. Providing customer access to leadership technology throughout the RHEL product lifecycle.

2 thoughts on “Red Hat Enterprise Linux6 Roadmap

  1. RHEL 6 的遷​​​​​​​移​​​​​​​規​​​​​​​劃​​​​​​​指​​​​​​​南​​​​​​​
    使用了一陣子的 RHEL 6 ,發現他很多地方很多地方跟 RHEL 5 不同,建議可以先參考一下 RHEL 6 的遷​​​​​​​移​​​​​​​規​​​​​​​劃​​​​​​​指​​​​​​​南​​​​​​​.